Armtek Elektrik A.Ş Human Resources Policies:

Armtek Elektrik A.Ş Human Resources Policies:

As Armtek Elektrik A.Ş., we implement all human resources policies and processes on the basis of these basic principles;

  • Increasing productivity by providing a strong communication and motivation environment,
  • Transparent, Equal and Participatory Management approach to include our employees in our processes,
  •  Design, implement and evaluate all training programs from the bottom to the top position by taking training into the center of development,
  • To adopt a policy that is compatible with quality policies and standards and sensitive to OHS Policy,
  • To follow the innovations and to adapt the innovation process by providing Human Resources applications by adapting to the company,
  • Increasing the employees’ knowledge, skills and relationships with institutions and persons,

Our aim;

To provide quality products and services to our customers; creating an environment in which the difference turns into richness and increasing the professional knowledge and skills of our employees with the development opportunities we offer;

Employee participation in management;

Annual target setting is provided by performance evaluation meetings, suggestion system and meetings within the company and other internal communication activities.

Our Working Order;

The weekly working time is 45 hours. Our white collar employees work 5 days a week between 08.30 and 18.30. Our blue-collar employees work in different shifts according to departments, and use the week breaks according to the shift order

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