Our Quality Policy

We implement a holistic approach to quality, wherein we question the Quality of our Human Resources and Information Processing activities and at every aspect of the financial management procedures in every work we undertake, in every decision and action we take, and in every process we implement, that is to say in the Sales and Marketing activities and in the Planning, Production, and Research & Development processes, and we intend to improve the satisfaction of our customers.

We don’t adapt to the current levels of quality, but we rather develop, improve and conserve our own. Quality is an expedition and we hereby express our commitment for increasing the performance of all management systems and improving continuously for the sake of seeking, accomplishing and nurturing the quality. We hereby further undertake to eliminate the hazards and to minimize the risks in order to allow our laborers to sustain their lives with zero accident, including the near misses; and to prevent pollution and conserve the environment with all our respect and affiliation to the Environment, and to fulfill all statutory provisions and other applicable conditions. In this context, we demonstrate an extremely subsistent and sincere approach with respect to the social responsibility.

Aforementioned approach enables us to reflect the quality not only to our products, but also to the attitude we exhibit, the communications with our counterparts, the troubleshooting techniques we employ, to our creations and ultimately to our stakeholders. We believe that such notion Quality that we approach, nurture and reflect pursuant to the concept of Total Quality ensures perpetual progression as a human being, allows technological improvement of our products, and consolidates our firm’s status in the corporate sense as the trust and satisfaction we manage to secure from our customers. And, as an intrinsic outcome of such improvement, the concept of Total Quality and our approach thereof represents the most fundamental baseline so as to render our company a sustainable one with robust financial resources in conjunction with the employees and all stakeholders.