Rated Voltage
24 kV
Network Frequency Withstand Voltage 1min
50 kV
Clearance (Contacts)
60 kV
Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage
125 kV
145 kV
Rated Frequency
50/60 Hz
Rated Current
630-1250 A
Rated Short Circuit Withstand Current (1sec)(3sec)
16-20-25 kA
Rated Short Circuit Closing Current
40 kA-tepe
Mechanical Class
Electrical Class
Protection Class
Internal Arc Class
ARME-AIS24 YGC Load Break Switch Incoming-Outgoing Unit
ARME-AIS24 YST Fuse – Load Break Switch Transformer Protection Unit
ARME-AIS24 YAG Voltage&Current Measurement Unit with LBS
ARME-AIS24 GKC Circuit Breaker İncoming/Outgoing Unit
ARME-AIS24 GKT Circuit Breaker ,Transformer Protection Unit
ARME-AIS24 GKK Bus Coupling with Circuit Breaker Unit
ARME-AIS24 GAG Voltage&Current Measurement Unit with LBS
AARME-AIS24 GKGS Fuse – Load Break Switch Transformer Protection Unit
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ARME-AIS Series 24kV Metal Enclosed Modular Switchgears have cost minimizing features such as compact and ergonomic design, easy to install features, maximum operator safety, remote control feature, All features type certified by KEMA, ICMET, LVT and its possibilty to expand.