Rated Voltage
36 kV
Network Frequency Withstand Voltage 1min
70 kV
Clearance (Contacts)
80 kV
Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage
170 kV
195 kV
Rated Frequency
50/60 Hz
Rated Current
630-1250 A
Rated Short Circuit Withstand Current (1sec)(3sec)
16-20-25 kA
Rated Short Circuit Closing Current
40 kA-tepe
Mechanical Class
Electrical Class
Internal Arc Class
Protection Class
ARME-AIS36 YGC Load Break Switch Incoming-Outgoing Unit
ARME-AIS36 YST Fuse – Load Break Switch Transformer Protection Unit
ARME-AIS36 YAG Voltage&Current Measurement Unit with LBS
ARME-AIS36 GKC Circuit Breaker İncoming/Outgoing Unit
ARME-AIS36 GKT Circuit Breaker ,Transformer Protection Unit
ARME-AIS36 GKK Bus Coupling with Circuit Breaker Unit
ARME-AIS36 GAG Voltage&Current Measurement Unit with LBS
ARME-AIS36 GKGS Fuse – Load Break Switch Transformer Protection Unit

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ARME-AIS Series 36 kV Schneider Inside Metal Enclosed Switchgear are used in Schneider Brand of load breakers, SF6 load breakers and circuit breakers. All type tests were performed by KEMA-ICMET-LVT. For more information please contact sales@armtek.com.tr